What are Single and Double Drawn Hair Extensions


Single Drawn

Single drawn hair extensions are always collected from one single donor. And without changing its appearance, the hair is sewed into a weft, made a bundle.

Most of the extensions are single drawn mainly because of the limited cost of production. Also, the good part is single drawn extensions are looking more natural and have more flexibility for styling. But mostly, I think, the reason why the single drawn extension could be the most common type is less work involved in processing and low cost.

Double drawn

Double drawn hair extensions are having the shorter hair removed in the bundle, and may have a little trimmed. They cut hair to make sure it has the same fullness from root to the tip and makes it looks thicker. This processing increased the quality and volume of the hair extension but also makes it more expensive. And you need to trim it after installing anyway, might be a waste for you.


Just pick the one you need. Don't spend your precious time to hesitating on this little thing. If you just can't decide, ask an experienced barber or send mail to us!



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