Tips for bring wigs to travel


Now you know how to pick, wear and maintain wigs. You should have a better sense of the convenience of wearing wigs. If you don’t, please check our previous blog articles.

But when we go traveling, can we still enjoy the benefits of wearing wigs? Of course yes! Just there are some things to consider. I will list what we know so far here, wish it could help you enjoy your next trip!

1. Is it worth to package a wig for travel?

If you are asking, it is Yes! Not to mention that wigs can bring much more beauty and convenience to your vacation! Also, believe it or not, wigs can save much more space for your traveling suitcase! Which brings us to our next topic.

2. Don’t bring a wig but WIGS for your wonderful vacation!

Let’s say most of us are not masters of styling wigs or our own hair. Bringing a couple of extra wigs with different styles could be a great choice! First of all, wigs will save you plenty of time from styling or take care of your hair. Secondly, wigs are lightweight, easy packing(If you know how to do it), and won’t take much space in your suitcase. What more is wigs will save your space from a hair dryer, curling iron, and all that styling products!



3. Packaging your wigs right.

They saved the precious room for your traveling package, let’s pack them properly to make everyone happy!

How to Package Wigs for Traveling

  1. Turn your wig inside out, place the rest of the hair inside the wig top. Put the wig into a hair net.
  2. Use a silk scarf to wrap up your wig(cotton or synthetic material may damage the hair). Then grab a wig packing bag and put your wig in.
  3. Put this pack on a mostly flat and soft place in your suitcase, then your wigs are safe for the trip.

4. Bring the wig's things

Wig shampoo, wig conditioner, wig stands, wig brushes, and extra hairnets, don’t forget to bring them with your wigs! A Small Tip: If you don’t have room for wig stand, use a lampshade or hotel ice bucket to prop up your wig.

5. How to deal with airport security?

Wigs are just like your clothing. Keeping them in your suitcase, everything is fine. Wearing one? Just don’t put too many clips and bobby pins. Too many metals might set off the sensor.

If you are “luckily” being asked to take off your wig, ask for a private room.


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