Mistakes people make when removing their lace wigs



1. Straight pulling the lace wig off

We all know that using the remover first then gently lift the lace part off your skin is the right processing to remove a lace wig. Yet sometimes people may forget or just in a hurry, so they rushing the process and straight pull the lace off their head. Action like this may cause the damage to both lace and the skin. Saved a few minutes, but might break the lace seam, it’s simply not worth it. Also the adhesive residual will lead a harder installation for this wig next time.

2. Using abrasive tools and rubbing too much

From my point of view, this might be the most common mistake. People may think that the abrasive materials could brush out adhesive more easily, and efficiently. They pick cotton wool or paper towels to apply remover, and those do rub the residual quickly. But don’t forget how delicate the lace is! Few heavy rubbing with a paper towel may end up picking a new wig for ReadyWig or somewhere else. Would you like to? ;P

3. Don’t do a skin test for your sensitive skin

Hair colorants, adhesive, and removers are mostly chemicals compounds. Though the companies are trying so hard to make them more and more skin friendly nowadays, there is still a chance for them to irritate skin or even allergic reaction, especially for sensitive skin.




How to do a skin test

  1. Putting a small amount onto the inside of one of your wrist.
  2. Covering it with cling film for 24~48 hours.
  3. If any allergic reaction occurs remove it immediately and consult a doctor (better bring the product formulation).


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