Is Rinsing Hair in Cold Water Better?

When it comes to hair care, we often pay more attention to how to choose the hair condition products. Hair care requires effort and one needs to take care of the smallest of the details. Everything, from deciding the right product to use to set the right temperature of water, is important. On one hand, cold water is claimed to be the ideal temperature for a hair wash by many and on the other hand, hot water is, supposedly, better for cleansing hair. So let's dig a little deeper to sort out this confusion.



Pros of Rinsing Hair in Cold Water

1. Increase Shine
Cold water closes your hair’s cuticle and forces the cuticle cells to lay down on top of each other and present a smooth, shiny appearance.

2. Slow down oil production
Cold water washes or final rinses tighten up the cuticle layer.For a period of time following a cold washing or cool rinsing oil production is minimized. So slow down the greasy roots.

3.Reduce Frizz
Apply your conditioner to your hair and then rinse with cold water to not only rinse away any excess conditioner.But also close the cuticle and lock in water and the moisturizing ingredients allowing the product to work also helping to eliminate the frizz before it attacks.

4. Help to Eliminate Dandruff
Hot water is ridding your hair of all of its oils it is extremely drying to the scalp. Welp, hitting the scalp with some cold water can make sure that rarely happens again!When the cold water locks the cell skins of your scalp down flat, it is essentially lessening the occurrence of flakes that appear from dry skin.

5. Encourages stronger hair
Hair cuticles remain closed when wet washed or final rinsed with cool water. This results in stronger hair which is less easily penetrated by dirt or oils. It prevents dirt from easily accumulating on your scalp. Stronger hair prevents hair from being easily pulled out during combing, brushing or styling.

Cons of Rinsing Hair in Cold Water

1.Flattening your fluffy style hair:
Cold water tends to traps moisture in our hair and doesn't let it leave. As a result of excess moisture, your hair can also look flat, with no volume.

2.Less of a clean
If you go every-so-often without showering or are prone to grease, excess oil won’t be cleaned out quite as well with cold water. This could leave you with a frustrating cycle of washing your hair more often with less clean.

While cold water can help your hair in many ways, let’s not pretend that warm to hot water lacks its benefits. Remember, warm water is best used for wet washing when hair is dirty, greasy or oily. It helps to open the pores on your skin to cleanse it and get rid of all of the sweat and product from your scalp.

Consider the following case, you should use warm water to wash:
Straight or wavy hair
Very thick hair (for a better clean)
Hair with greasy roots
Dirty and mess hair
This ensures that you not only add texture to your hair to give it some bounce, but it allows you to thoroughly clean it as well.

On the other hand, you should wash your hair by using cold water if:
Curly or fine styled hair
Extremely dry hair
Prone to breakage hair
colored hair
Washing your hair in cold water ensures that you keep your hair well moisturized, shiny, and “tame”.



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