Human hair wig's pros and cons



Choosing the cap, the style, and the color of the wig is tough. However, the hardest choice is between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The price is often the main reason why people choose synthetic over human hair. However, there is much more to consider besides the expenses.
Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a natural hair wig compared to its synthetic counterpart.


One of the most important advantages of a real hair wig is that you have natural hair on your head. People have an easier time adjusting to such wigs since they know intuitively how to deal with real hair. Synthetic wigs may make you feel uncomfortable for a while until you get used to the sensation of foreign material on your head.

Human hair wigs look just like natural hair. They are prone to frizziness, messiness, and etc. Some people believe it to be a disadvantage while others appreciate the “real” look of such wigs. Nobody has perfect hair. That’s why synthetic wigs may sometimes look too unnatural.

Human hair wig can be styled in a way you are used to. You can dye, curl, perm, etc. Such wigs react in a natural manner so you know what to expect from styling manipulations. Even though the heavy styling is not recommended for both synthetic and natural wigs, human hair wigs take it much lighter. They have better heat resistance too. So if you need a heat-safe wig, opt for a natural one. Synthetic wigs have poor heat resistance and can be ruined by styling efforts.


Natural wigs are always more expensive than synthetic ones. Human hair needs to be purchased from real people, who charge a hefty price for their locks. Synthetic hair is made out fibers so it’s much cheaper to produce. The cost of a natural wig depends on the hair length as well. So if you need an inexpensive wig, opt for shorter styles.

Natural hair wigs require as much styling as your natural hair. You need to wash the locks, curl them, brush them, fight the frizz, etc. Meanwhile, synthetic wigs come ready to wear right out of the box. Many people believe that the best wigs are the ones that look and feel natural but after a few months dealing with unruly hair, they change their minds. And that's maybe when you need a few tips for your hair maintenance!

If you dye a natural hair wig, the color will fade over time. Frequent dyeing is not recommended for wigs since it affects their longevity. Meanwhile, synthetic wigs retain the bright and fresh color for as long as you wear them.
Overall, it seems that if you have the funds, natural hair wigs are a brilliant choice. In case you are choosing a wig for a celebration or a costume party and need something like a drag queen wig, synthetic ones are a wonderful option.



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