How to Wear Hats with Wigs In Summer


Disasters can be caused if you wearing a hat on your wig. But it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a hat while you are wearing a wig.

“You are so cute in that bonnet, but you can’t wear it with your wig.” Words like this are so obviously wrong since we saw celebrities wearing fancy hats with their fancy hair all the time!

The problem is not about can we wear it or not but a HOW. If you treat them wrong, the wig and hat can be a “time bomb” on your head. Just follow this guide, put on your wig and hat right and have the check step by step. I make sure you will enjoy your hat-wig cocktail with nothing to worry about!

Tips for Wearing hats with wigs

1. Buy the right hat

Most of the hats are made of thick fabrics, will surely make your head become warmer when the wig has already done the same thing. Sure you don’t want your head to become too hot ( not the good hot ). Choose a hat made from lightweight material will be crucial to keep cool during the summer days!

And the ultimate choice for summer days is a wide-brimmed straw hat!

2. Don’t push your hat onto your wig

Squishing your hat way down on your wig is not a good way to keep your wig stay in where it was. Your wig will just move when you adjust your hat. Lightly putting on your hat, and make sure it's in a right and just won’t move place. If you really need it to be secured, using bobby pins to pin it into your wig hair.

3. Use anti-frizz serum

Even in normally you should use the anti-frizz serum on your wig every day. In the hot summer days, you should use it consistently, or your hair will easily become a big messy nest! The serum can keep your hair in silky and straight under any kinds of hat, and make sure you can have good hair days in the summer days everyday.

4. Attach your wig extremely well

Use clips, bobby pins, elastic band, extra wig glue or whatever you need to hold your wig in the right position. Cause when your hat on, you don’t want your wig moving around with the hat.

Summer days can be hard for a wig and hat to get along well with each other. But with a little more patient and careful, you can be the hottest girl on the beach for sure!



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