How to Keep Your Wigs From Falling Off

Wig falling off is one of the most embarrassing moments people can face especially when in public! People wear wigs for many reasons. Someone wears a wig to enhance their look. Someone might wear it as a result of a health condition. In either case, it is important that the person wearing the wig feels secured at all times. There are many ways to keep your wig on securely, should you feel that it is slipping out of the desired position. It really is personal preference. The following products should have been very helpful to secure your wigs.



Wig cap: Wearing a Wig Cap is a good way to make sure that a wig stays reliably stable on the head. It keeps the wig clean from the oils of your scalp and helps to secure any of your own hair up under the wig.

Hair Clips: Hair clips and Bobbie pins are secured to the wig and then clipped into your own hair to hold your wig in place. Some person is sensitive to any pressure on the circumference of their head and prone to headaches, in this case, toupee clips may feel more comfortable than a cap.

Glue and Adhesive Tape: Double sided tape or roll on adhesives can be applied to hold your wig in place.



Cushion Band: This is a gel-filled headband that not only keeps your wig securely in place, it also relieves pressure points, making your wig more comfortable to wear.

Wig Gripper: This adjustable headband is made of a fabric which adds friction around the hairline. This allows your wig to stay securely in place without slipping.

Scarves: On a windy day, a scarf can be tied over your head and underneath your chin to hold your wig in place.



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