How to Get Glue off Your Lace Wig

Lace wigs have lace at the forehead that you can glue to your skin for a custom fit. The glue makes a wig fit so firmly on your head that can leave over a gummy residue. How to remove these glues? The following methods can help you simply remove the glue off the wig.

Isopropyl Alcohol
Brace for the 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and decant the isopropyl alcohol into the bowl. Then dunked a piece of sponge in isopropyl alcohol. Gently scrub wig with the soaked sponge as make sure you scrub every nook. About one or two minutes later, directly rub glue off the wigs with your fingers. Do not soak the entire wig in alcohol since it could dry out or damage your wig.
Items you will need: isopropyl alcohol; bowl; sponge



The extra glue of the wig also should be separated using acetone. Take a bowl and tip 100 percent pure acetone inside. Singled out the glued area in the acetone liquid. Similarly, do not take the whole wig in the acetone as it will cause damage. Soak for 10 minutes untill the glue starts to dissolve but no peeling. The dissolved adhesive will occur at the bottom of the bowl.
Items you will need: acetone; bowl



If you have sensitive skin, olive oil and coconut oil are recommended as the adhesive remover. These are gentle on the skin and can be used to remove adhesive from the wig. Unlike the alcohol, they do not evaporate or dry out the skin. Any kind or brand will do, as we merely wish to use it to recede the glue sticky.
Smear a bit of oil to the glue of wig. Blow the oil parts on your wig by a hairdryer. One thing that you notice is that take the hairdryer 12 inches away from your wig. Heat the glue part for 30 seconds to the point that it softened. Make the oil continues to keep on your hair for a minute. Pulling the glue clump toward the end of the wig it is attached to. Repeat the process until the glue is completely removed.
Items you will need: olive oil and coconut oil; hair dryer



Dip the cotton bud or small soft brush in the alcohol. Apply it to the wig all along the edge. Leave for a few minutes up to the seam obviously starts to peel away from the wig. Peel the glue away from the wig working gently from one side to the other side.
Items you will need: small soft brush or cotton bud; Alcohol


The magical tip for taking away glue from lace wig is using a mirror. You notice a little residue on the wig if after removing the glue from lace wig. You can rub a mirror and slide the glued area of the wig. The glue residue will deliver residue from wig onto the mirror.
Items you will need: mirror




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