How to Detangle Synthetic Wigs

When you are bound to encounter some messy tangles of wigs, the daily reactions you must have as the following.“Oh my god!” “These knots make me crazy!”“What should I do?”… Please don’t throw that tangled wigs in the bin! By taking some patience to prepare and a few tools, combing out your wig, and giving it some time to dry, you would bring your tangled wig back to smooth.
The best part about this method is that the materials are easy to find and inexpensive. To gather your materials as follows. Wig stand, wig detangled spray, fabric softener, wide tooth comb and towel.


At first, give your wig a wash. Although someone doesn’t recommend to start with washing the wig, you should know the dirt in the wig is a reason why wigs get tangled. Use cold water(mix some fabric softener) to wash it, but if your wig is very dirty, taking a warm water to loose your hair and get the dirt off easier. The fabric softener would give moisture to the fiber, making it easier to comb. It also helps to reduce the shiny materials in the wig, making it look more natural.

Between the washes, make use of conditioner or a very light oil to moist the wig and keep it tangle-free. Heavy oils that can cause build-up or residuals should be avoided. After 20 minutes, rinse the wig using cold water. Use a towel to cover your wig and drain the excess water in it without squeeze or rub. Then allow the wig to air dry by hanging it.

Use your fingers to remove some tangle, take time and some patience to do so gently. As you find the tangle with your fingers, move down slowly to have the tangle separated to remove it. This would work for a big bunch of tangle, and it would ease the use of a comb to separate smaller tangle. Get the sequence right, because if you comb it first, then the fiber may fall. This is what we seek to avoid.

Have your wig evenly combed from bottom to top, which is in the reverse manner of our habit to comb our natural hair from scalp to bottom. Note that combing the wig from the root to bottom would make the fiber fall easily. In case you discover a tangle, comb it with a half-flip move, then gently push it to the bottom until the fiber is tangle-free. Continue to comb and separate the tangle until there’s no more tangle, and then you’re done! As for the frizz, you can remove it by using just a little bit of wig tangle spray and move your fingers around it.

Now your wig is getting rid of any knots or frizz, you can wear it afterward or store it. Remember to be gentle on it and have a good care.



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