How to Avoid Itching with the Wig


The uneasy sensations of itchiness after wearing a wig can leave anybody infuriated. However, this doesn’t mean you will abandon the wig. Hence, the only thing we can do is to take preventive action to avoid itching. You will enjoy a grateful wig wearing experience after you complete the methods.



1 Choose a good quality wig
Whether synthetic or real will be your wigs choice, select the high- quality ones. The reason is that you will wear it for several months, so don’t skimp on quality to save money. High-quality products have a tendency for less itching and irritation.

2 Use suitable items over your scalp
Before wearing wigs, cover your scalp with these three suitable items, such as cotton and silk liner. They will promote to keep the moisture. The lace based mono-filament wigs make it easy to breathe with its porous quality. The fabric softener sheet may help to soften up the edge of that lace front.

3 Use zinc lotion to disinfect your scalp
Zinc is a natural antibacterial that can keep off infections. The part of glue mixing with sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria that led to infections and itching. Therefore, it’s necessary to disinfect your scalp with zinc lotion once a week.

4 Rinse your wig thoroughly
Your wigs should be thoroughly rinsed after shampooing and using a conditioner. Since whatever residual shampoo or conditioner will result in itching.

5 Try organic witch-hazel
Applying organic witch-hazel is a valid way to weaken head skin reactions. Wetting a towel with the witch hazel, then smearing your scalp. Leaving the medicine on your scalp for a few minutes before reapplying your wig. The itching will be relieved.



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