Guide to putting on a lace front wig


Put on a wig surly not as easy as put on a cap, especially when it comes to a Lace front wig. There are some points you better notice out, for your own healthy, good-looking and comfortable, also for the lace to last longer.

First thing first, while most of us might think the adhesive for wig wearing (like got2b or other protein glue) is skin-friendly, can you sure about that your skin is not sensitive to the adhesive you are using? Running a skin test first, that will never hurt anyone.

What you need to do is applying a small amount to a sensitive part of your skin like inside your elbow or behind your ear. Leave it there for about 15 minutes, then remove. If there is any irritation or redness do not use that adhesive and select a different type or brand. If there is no irritation, proceed.

Now we can start the wig putting procedure.


If you have no hair or just a little, you better use a wig cap to tight your hair and secure your wig.

If your hair is short, brush it all back and keep it flatten on your scalp.

If you have long hair, curl it into small, even sections or make small braids and pin them flat onto your scalp. Be sure to pin them evenly, which means no bumps or bulges under your wig.


Wash your forehead, paying close attention to the hairline with a gentle cleanser. Blot dry. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe along the hairline to remove excess oil


Slightly tilt your head forward, hold the wig close to the label and put it on your forehead. Now, slip your wig on from forehead to the back nap just like wearing a bathing cap. Then you need to push the front of the wig back until it reached your hairline. Tuck in the stray hairs. And use any of the adjustable parts to makes your head feels comfortable while the wig secured.


There are two types of adhesive you can use to secure a lace front wig to your head: tape or glue.

Tape: Put double stick tape on forehead starting mid-forehead and working out. Lay strips side by side until they cover most of your hairline.

Glue: Apply glue along hairline making sure it’s evenly spread, then let dry for about 3 minutes or just use a hairdryer.

Please trying both methods and finding out which one you prefer.


What you need to do last is placing the wig on head, making sure wig matches your hairline. Check both ear tabs for alignment. If it's all in the right place, using fingertips, smooth wig over tape or glue, working from the center out to your ears.

Look! you just put your lace front wig on in a good form! Now, style it as you like!



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