Go Orange This Spring

The signs of spring can be felt in the air as the warm breeze gently blows your face, the birds sing pleasantly in the trees and the flowers sprinkle in the gardens. Spring is a season of vigour and vitality. It’s time for your hairstyle to follow suit! Transform your hair colors to the brightest orange. Get yourself a new hair color to embrace the spring! Here we are introducing the watercolor method to turn you hair into orange.


How to watercolor extensions?

 Products you need:

Adore dye Cinnamon, Adore dye Cajun Spice, Adore dye French Cognac, Water

Tools you need:

Clear container, gloves

1.Prepare your hair

Buy yourself 613 extensions and this color is easier for your hair to take color. Remove all the labels, rubber bands or plastic ties form the hair. These stuff will impact the water-coloring process and prevent your extensions from taking color. Besides, it’s also necessary to brush and detangle your hair so that you can watercolor them more conveniently.

2.Prepare the color container

Fill the 1/3 of your container with hot water. Dip your hair bundles into water and just dampen them up a little bit, because the color takes better when the hair is better. And it is definitely easier to dampen your hair in the container filled with water. Then put your bundles aside until it’s time to dunk them.

Start by putting a French Cognac inside of the hot water, and add Cajun Spice and a splash of Cinnamon. Mix them up with a spoon and mix them up real good so you will have a very nice color for your skin tone, not too light or too dark. And then test the color out on a paper. If the color does not work well, you may need to add more any of this three dyes to get the perfect color for you.

3.Dip your extensions into the color container

Once you get the color you want, it’s time to dip your bundles. Before that, remember to clip the top of your bundles, as they all get tangled-up and crazy-looking when you put them in the water. Keep the bundles moving inside the mixed water. If you don’t, the dye will stick to certain parts and not other parts. So to get your bundles evenly dyed, you have to make sure every part of the hair is colored. And one more tip here, the frontal is going to pick up color faster than the bundles.

While you dip your bundles, the mixed water may start losing some of the orange color, so you need to add a bit more dye in the water. And also make sure the color of your frontal matches your bundles. If you see there is any blonde part of your hair or you got uneven color, dip that piece back in water to get colored. Get the hair through a few more times to make sure it’s really saturated. When you finish this part, the last step is to wash and condition your hair.


Why watercolor your hair?

Using the water coloring technique is a easier and fast method to change your hair color to your favorite pastels, especially those bright colors. This is one technique made for DIY girls because it is so easy and so cheap! You have the chance to enjoy fun of DIY yourself a unique hair color. The watercolor method saves you time and coins to achieve the color transformation at the hair salon. You can be as creative as you want with this technique and get inspired from your favorite celebrities or YouTubers.

If you still feel it’s too much trouble to watercolor your hair, or you are too busy with your life and work, or you are afraid of getting imperfect color and end up with ruining your frontal and bundles, then you’ve got another option, that is to get a ready-to-wear wig from your trustworthy wig seller or brand. Our ReadyWig brand has several orange wig options for you, from bright orange, burnt orange to sweet orange, from straight to wavy, and from long hair to short hair. There is always one option you may fall in love with!


Whatever your choice is, just have fun with your wigs. Never let it be a trouble! Wigs are the tool to enhance your beauty. Don't forget to share all of your watercolor extension creations with us here at the comments!



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