Does Boiling Your Hair Actually Work?

Perhaps you have an old wig that is really gummy, sticky and matting after a while of wearing it a lot. You have done dyed, added tracks and some more stuff and now your hair is complete mess. You may think that if you keep washing it, it will get back to normal. But NO! No matter it’s synthetic or human hair, it has just gotten terribly rough and knotted. Have you been scouting for the best way to restore your wig instead of throwing it away? Here we have a quick trick to bring your hair back to life - boiling you hair!

Boiling Your Hair?

Is boiling your hair can do them good and save you from the financial stress of buying a new one? The answer is YES! Not only for human hair bundles, this is awesome for synthetic hair too. It will revive it, give it body and shine. HOWEVER, this only works temporarily (about 2-3 days) , you have to redo it often once your hair gets to this messy point. It's a great quick fix though! That's also how you change the texture too. Braid it or roll it up before the boil and hair texture will change.

Putting hair in boiled water is not like direct heat from flat irons because the water keeps it moisturized and the conditioner you added will soften and treat the hair. The heat opens up the cuticle and allows moisture in deeper. It's just like steaming hair or sitting under a dryer with a deep conditioner but more effective because the heat can go higher and the hair is totally surrounded by water. That's why it feels so great when it is done.

Of course opening the cuticle will also let color escape, especially red. To refresh the color, you need to use a red color and a 10 volume developer because all you will need to do is to deposit color, or use a semi-permanent like adore with no developer. The problem with direct heat from irons is that it they remove all of the moisture and leave the hair vulnerable. So boiling your hair would do less harm to the hair. You have no idea how amazing the result turns out to be and how much this trick has helped you on your wig journey.

Boiling Your Hair with moisturizer

Start off by brushing the hair. Then find a medium sized pot and fill it halfway with water and put in your favorite moisturizer. Choose the conditioning products that focus on strengthening, hydrating and moisturizing your hair and adding the silkiness to it. Once the water is boiling, start dipping the hair slowly. Let the hair sit for about 10 t0 15 minutes or you can do it a little bit less. Make sure you turn the fire off before you pull the hair out.

All that dirty water means that you boiled the hair pretty good. Simply dry it with a towel and you’ll notice how healthy the hair is after boiling. The moisturizer gives your hair a natural shine. Leave the hair out to air dry for a couple of hours. Boiling the hair is literally like a deep condition for your weave and makes it easier to comb and manage, and it makes the hair look almost new. The finished look will be a big difference from the before. This is a good way to take care of old wigs. You don’t have to trash your hair. You can just bring it back to life by boiling it.

Boiling Your Hair with Silicon Mix

Except boiling your hair with moisturizer, you’ve got another option, that is Silicon Mix. Silicon Mix conditioner saves hair lives. Dipping your hair in boiling water combines Silicon Mix can revamp your hair to a good condition. There are two ways to use Silicon Mix. It won’t do harm to you to try both of this ways to save your terribly tangled and sticky wig.

Method 1:

Start by filling up a pot with boiling water. Put the fire on the high heat and got the water to boiling point. Buy some miracle worker, that is silicon mix, from the Beauty Supply store. It’s basically a deep conditioner and looks like jar vaseline or lotion. Go ahead and turn off the fire. Put the product in the water. Be careful when you do that as the water will splash. Use a plastic spoon to deposit the product into the water.

Then stir the water until it’s all milky and nice. Put the wig in the water slowly and the closure last. You’ll see that the color from your hair will be coming out a bit after several minutes. Keep your hair in the boiling water and gently moving it around to make sure the hot water penetrated through. After about 15 minutes, take your hair out. The silicon mix is heavy and has a strong smell, which make the hair gummy. You need to rinse all of it out and shampoo it really good. Make sure it’s all clean and then let it air dry in your house. Do not leave it in the sun or blow dry it because the hair has been through a lot and it was just boiled.

Method 2:

Use clarifying shampoo to wash the hair multiple times, and then coat the hair with the silicon mix. After that, place the hair in a ziplock bag, and microwave it for 1 minute. Then rinse the hair repeatedly with cold water. This is a deep condition process for the hair. Boom! You got New hair!!! Or you can do the boiling method to your hair and then condition the hair with silicon mix. Put them in a plastic bag and then set the bag inside of the boiling water on low for 15-20 minutes and rinse it out. It works beautifully too!


If you happens to have an old that needs refreshing, trying the boiling method with conditioner or Silicon Mix to revive old hair, so as to maintain the look and function of wigs and hair pieces for a longer period of time. Or if you have any better idea or suggestions, do not hesitate to make your comments below.



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