Differentiating Real and Fake Human Hair


For many of us, it's more like an investment in getting human hair products. The price and expectations of this single item (or bundles) are pretty heavy. So if your hair starts to fall off and tangled and even becomes an unforgivable mess. It will be very frustrated.

No one wants to spend a big amount of money, but can only get a big mess. By "mess ", I don't only mean a bad hair, but also the situation when you try to contact the dealer then find out they don’t really want to help solve the mess. Since they are selling products in unbearable quality. They mostly are ready to deal with sad, mad, and this kinds of customers.

Let me give you some tips on how to distinguish between real and fake human hair product. So you can prevent bad things happen and it is always a good thing to be prepared.

1.Burn test

This could be the best way to figure out human hair or synthetic hair. Cut off a strand of hair and light it with fire. If it burns and turns to ashes, or becomes ashes when you press the waste. It’s human hair. If it melts and turns into a small black plastic ball, also smells like rubber, producing black smoke. You are dealing with synthetic hair fabrics.


When bleaching, human hair will lighten very fast. The fake hair will just burn.


Some of the businessmen are too greedy. They mixed human hair with synthetic hair and tell you that it is a high quality virgin human hair. And it is hard to find out if it is fake. Talk with your dealer about hair, ask questions about hair before you buying anything from them. See if they can be trusted or not.


In the past, human hair was softer, tougher and more lustrous than synthetic hair. But due to advances in technology, synthetic fibers are mimicking human hair almost perfectly. Yet, don't worry, human hair grows cell by cell. The surface of a hair covered by a stratum corneum. It looks like scales, and all in the same direction - from the root to the tip.

So rub a hair in the different direction, if it's human hair, you should feel the difference. If not, it might be synthetic hair or a very poor quality human hair.



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