Dealing with Your Sweaty Head When Wearing Wig

If you’re a woman who regularly blows dries your hair, then you know the feeling. The excessive sweating becomes a problem with your makeup , hairstyle and general comfort, especially in summer or hot working environment. For these reasons, many ladies with a sweaty head opted to give up beautiful wigs and cut their hair short.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a cooler and more comfortable fit without surrendering your favorite wigs.

Firstly, let’s learn about the causes of scalp sweating.
Besides the apparent heat of the weather, excessive sweating can be due to Overactive sweat glands, Stress and Anxiety as well.



How to Keep Your Wig Fresh Longer

Wig Cap/No Sweat Liner
The cap and liner underneath your wig to wick away moisture and reduce irritation from sweat. Wear one underneath your wig to not only protect your wig cap from sweat but to also help your wig feel cool and dry.

Stretch Cap Wigs
As to a traditional cap, it is regularly made from a type of material that for some reasons seems to not breathe well especially when it’s warm outside or even humid. For situations such as these, having a wig with a stretch cap will then give you more support to ventilate as much as possible.

Shorter and Lighter
Go for a shorter style and lighten up! If you still love with your pretty long hair, what makes you feel better is to pull hair back in a ponytail, twist into a bun, braid the ponytail, and secure with bobby pins.

Baby Powder
Use just a sprinkle of baby powder on your scalp prior to putting your wig on. What the cornstarch will start to execute is it will soak up the perspiration that you normally feel on your head. This neat trick will keep you feeling fresh, but it won’t leave your skin irritated nor cause your skin drying.

Stay Out of the Direct Heat
This one is a no-brainer! When in extreme heat, our body instantly begins to sweat. This can actually cause damage to wigs when in direct sunlight for a long time. In addition, store your wig in a cool place where keep away from heat.

Frequent Washing
Washing often is definitely recommended due to sweat and keeping your wig clean is important. Though wash your wigs too much time would cause them fading and frizzing, the primary thing you should consider is comfortable and beautiful.



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