Can you Cut Your Synthetic Hair?

Cutting a wig hair is a totally different ball game from cutting natural hair. If one wrong move is made on your wig, it is not going to grow back. That means that you have no other choice than to cut the rest of the wig to correct the mistake.



Considering the budget of human hair wig, a straight synthetic wig is recommended if you are not a stylist. And if you want to cut and style your own wig at home, here is a detailed tutorial for your reference.

Step 1 Fit your wig onto a headstand and place several T-pins to fix it. Please check the wig stand is straight to ensure a symmetrical haircut! Clean your wig if necessary. Brush the hair so it’s smooth, spray the hair from root to tip with a wig detangle spray and remove any knots.

Step 2 Divide the hair into 2 sections from the middle of your wig. Secure each section with clips so that you can focus on one section at a time. Move your fingers down the hair until they are at the length where you desire. Ready to start with the back of the wig and work in small sections.

Step 3 Cut the hair with good quality hair scissors at a 40-degree angle. This will remove some volume from the ends and create a more natural line to avoid sticking up and looking strange. At first, trim the section 1 to 2 inches longer than the final length you want your wig to be. It helps you to repair and trim your hair if there are any accidents.

Step 4 Try to hold the hair so that it’s flat between your middle and index fingers, instead of bunched together. Take small and careful snips, and pay attention to your fingers. The smaller the section, the less severe the cut and the more natural your wig will look.

Step 5 Carry on releasing each section and carefully trimming to your desired length. Trim the entirety of your wig until all the ends are the same length. In the meanwhile, you could style and trim a bangs around your face. And snip off any loose, long hairs that you missed during the trimming process.

Brush the entire wig smooth and you get a fresh hair again. You can then determine whether you would like to jazz up the style and add layers, side bangs, an angled cut etc. If you’re looking for a particular or comp style, you might need to consult a wig stylist to further modify your wig.



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