Answers to Are You Wearing a Wig


The truth is, most of us are not so satisfied with how we look. And the hair is a big and important part for our look. You
may not have a fit body, don’t have your teeth white enough. But when the hair is right, everything is right! But there could be a moment that a stranger, or even a friend, asks questions like “Is that your real hair?”, “Are you wearing a wig?”. Well, we hate these questions but how can we deal with them? Better to have a back up plan for these mindless people and awkward questions! So I collected some answers for you to dodge, deflect or accept the questions like this. Let’s check them together!
1.Why do you ask?
Asking a question and makes them respond instead of you is always the quickest way to deal with an unpleasant question. When you ask them like “why do you ask?”, mostly, they won’t have a very good answer soon or any at all. If they don’t care about your feeling. Make them think, they may figure out how rude they were.
2.Yes, It’s my hair.
You buy clothes, shoes, and a lot of other things you need. They belong to you. They are yours! So why can’t hair do? It doesn’t matter if the hair you wear on your head grew out of your head. The hair you choose to wear is your hair.


3.Why? Yes, it is. Thank you for asking!

There is no need to be shame to wear a wig! Many and more and more people are wearing wig even they have beautiful natural hair. Consider wigs as beauty accessories, and be proud for the beauty of them!

4.Yes, it is. And no, you cant touch it.

Hair is also part of your body. Even if you only consider wigs as beauty accessories. When they been wore, they are in your personal space. Strangers even friends are not suppose to touch them freely just because of curiosity or “FUN”.

5.Yes, it is. And I LOVE it!

There is no shame in wearing a wig! Just like clothes, shoes and ear rings etc. , wigs bring you beauty and confidence. Such good things, you should be proud of it! Let the world know --- you wearing wigs and you love them!



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